Ecommerce Seo Keyword Research

You need to pay special attention to keyword research for ecommerce SEO.

Because there is a business breaking difference between a keyword that brings traffic to your store and a keyword that brings QUALIFIED BUYER TRAFFIC to your store.

So today I am going to show you-

✔ The right way to do ecommerce keyword research
✔ How to find and analayse keywords easily
✔ The four 4 things ecommerce keywords must have
✔ How to select revenue changing keywords

At the end of this video you will have created an intelligent keyword map that will guide your ecommerce SEO efforts.

You will use this keyword map to prioritise your efforts by targeting the quick win keywords in your niche that will have the biggest impact on revenue.

Ecommerce keyword research is easy when you know how and in this video I share the “how” step by step along with the 4 crucial factors ecommerce keywords MUST HAVE!